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FIU takes on UAB for the first time in football on Saturday night at FIU Stadium (7:30 p.m.). So you know what a first time opponent means, another installment of “The Other Game”. You can listen to the game on the FIU Sports Radio Network beginning at 7:25 p.m. I’ll have the call of the game along with guest analyst former FIU quarterback Paul McCall. CLICK HERE to access the FIU football radio broadcast.

FIU kept its 88-game undefeated streak in The Other Game alive last week with a 6-3-1 win over Southern Miss. Will the UAB Blazers be the first team to defeat the Panthers in The Other Game? Let’s welcome our contestants and find out. . . .

FIU vs. UAB – The Other Game

-- FIU’s original nickname was the Sunblazers. UAB are the Blazers, named after a dragon. In a Blazers game of rock, paper, scissors, the sun beats a dragon. FIU 1, UAB 0.

-- FIU’s main rivalry with Florida Atlantic is a battle for the Don Shula Trophy, a wood trophy with half of each team’s helmet on each side and the annual game’s score and MVPs engraved on gold plates. It’s a pretty neat trophy but nothing like “The Bones” trophy (photo below) handed out in UAB’s rivalry with Memphis. The Battle for the Bones (sometimes known as "The Bar-B-Q Bowl") winner gets a traveling 100-pound bronze rack of ribs trophy, known as “The Bones” trophy. FIU 1, UAB 1.


-- UAB started its basketball program in 1978 and has had 31 winning seasons in 34 seasons including memorable wins over Virginia, Kentucky, Louisville, Alabama, Florida, Villanova, Indiana, and Memphis. UAB has also been ranked as high as No. 9 in AP Poll and has made three Sweet 16s and one Elite 8 appearance. FIU’s biggest basketball win was beating Michigan. FIU has advanced to the NCAA Tournament once. UAB 2, FIU 1.

-- UAB’s only bowl game was at the Hawaii Bowl where it lost to Hawaii. Although FIU has not been to Hawaii, the Panthers have been to two bowl games, winning their first postseason appearance in dramatic fashion in the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl in Detroit. FIU 2, UAB 2.

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-- TV sheriffs: UAB linebacker Roscoe Byrd has a similar name to Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane (above left) from the "Dukes of Hazzard". FIU has several players named Taylor like Sheriff Andy Taylor (above right) from the Andy Griffith Show. Andy Taylor got the bad guy more often than Roscoe did. FIU 3, UAB 2.

-- Former mascots: The most beloved UAB mascot was Beauregard T. Rooster which was almost taken to court and sued by the San Diego Chicken. The San Diego Chicken, which is the San Diego Padres mascot, said Beauregard resembled the San Diego Chicken too much so the Chicken threatened legal action if UAB did not make a change to its mascot. Son of a Blazer was FIU’s original mascot and had no potential legal issues and was a lot more interesting than a rooster. FIU 4, UAB 2.


-- Led by alumni super-fan Andrew Robillard, who has not missed a UAB men's home soccer match in 22 seasons, the whole student section sings "God Bless America" in unity. The Hillsborough Times has reported this tradition as one of its "12 College Sports Traditions You Don't Want to Miss." FIU’s soccer tradition would be the “Ole, Ole, Ole” chant. Score one for America. FIU 4, UAB 3.

-- UAB men’s soccer reached the Elite 8 in 1999. FIU men’s soccer has won a national championship and been the Division I runner-up. Score one for FIU.FIU 5, UAB 3.

-- UAB has a rifle program, which is an NCAA sport. FIU does not. FIU 5, UAB 4.

-- UAB’s spirit group website link takes you HERE. Below are the FIU Golden Dazzlers. FIU 6, UAB 4.

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