Hello World Too


The game officials were back out at FIU practice Wednesday as the Panthers ended the practice with a scrimmage session before going through their final two-a-day of practice on Wednesday night. Another NFL team was out scouting the defensive line and Isame Faciane again produced. 

With a Seattle Seahawks scout watching (that's 7 NFL teams at this month's FIU camp if you are scoring at home) Faciane had a touch sack -- as you know quarterbacks are non-contact -- and a tackle for loss on another play when he stopped Alfonso Randolph.


Randolph did have a couple of nice runs before Faciane had enough of that. Randolph made a nifty cut back for 20 yards and later picked up 17 yards on another run.

Denzell Perine batted down a pass in the offensive backfield. Defensive back Sam Gervais broke up a pass in the end zone intended for Dominique Rhymes after a play action by Jake Medlock that brought the defense in.

One thing I've noticed about the pro-style offense FIU is running this season is that the draw play works better out of the pro-style offense shotgun than out of the spread offense shotgun. Lamarq Caldwell and Shane Coleman each had good pickups on draw plays Wednesday. And this has been the case in camp. It's almost like you can sell the draw play better in the pro-style.

On the touchdown drive in the scrimmage, Medlock said it was the most comfortable he's ever felt this month in the new offense. CLICK HERE to read more about that. On the play before the touchdown, Medlock stepped up in the pocket and hit Glenn Coleman for 10 yards and a first down. Medlock tossed a 6-yard touchdown to Caldwell for the scrimmage's only score.

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Hello World Too