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According to the 2011 Golden Dazzlers Calendar, summer officially begins June 21 and weDazc2 know this is true because the Dazzlers are never wrong. Yes, I know the photo on the right is of the month of July and not June, but July has a photo of most of the team. 

With the Panthers baseball season ending at the Chapel Hill Regional, the FIU summer began 17 days early. So summer is upon us. With the FIU Sports season slowing down for the summer we'll be bringing you some off-beat blogs on The Prowl in the next couple of months until FIU Football camp gets underway. Don't worry they will still be FIU blogs just not the typical posts you have been accustomed to during the Panthers sports season.

Sob Some examples of what you'll read on TP in the next two months -- we've just about tracked down Son of a Blazer and he'll tell you what he's been up to since leaving FIU. Now that the FIU Baseball season is over, we've been granted a visit to the Wizard of Arbo. So you'll hear from the Wizard. We'll check in on the Panthers football team and their off-season weight training. And you are getting 38 days notice to start studying for the 2nd Annual FIU Football PSAT (Pete Standard Achievement Test) on July 22 where we'll have a prize for the reader with the highest score in the test about FIU Football knowledge from 2002 through 2010.

We got more FIU Baseball to get to coming up later today, plus Panthers coach Turtle Thomas will also drop by to talk about the 2011 season and look ahead to 2012.  


The 2011 Gold Cup Soccer matches at FIU Stadium last Friday produced the second largest crowd in the stadium's eight-year history (FIU played its home games at the Orange Bowl in 2007). Last Friday, 18,057 fans saw the two soccer matches at FIU Stadium. The largest crowd ever at FIU Stadium was last September for the FIU vs. Rutgers game where 19,872 attended. The third largest turnout at the stadium was for FIU's inaugural game in 2002 against St. Peter's where 17,314 fans saw the birth of FIU Football. Here are some photos from different parts of FIU Stadium from last Friday. Click on each photo for a better view.

Friday afternoon about five hours from the first match. If you have not been to a soccer match at FIU Stadium this is what the Panthers home looks like with a soccer field in the middle of it.

View from the west end zone 

West end zone 

View of the patio deck on the west end zone seats

View from the southeast corner of FIU Stadium
South stands 

View of the east end zone seats

East end zone 

View from the east end zone
And a look at the north side seats



Hello World Too