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Coming out of Delray Beach Atlantic High, James Louis was an ESPN 150 player and a 4-Jl star receiver. Rivals.com also had Louis (right) as a 4-star player and rated him the No. 33 receiver in the nation. At Atlantic High -- where the first team to offer Louis a scholarship was FIU -- Louis had 38 receptions, 682 yards, and 10 TDs as a senior. As a junior, Louis recorded 56 receptions, 1,100 yards, and 12 TDs. Louis was an all-state receiver and a 2010 Under Armour All-American. And now he is an FIU Panther. Meet James Louis:


PP: Tell me about the process of coming over to FIU.

JL: I wanted to be closer to home. I got family down here in Delray Beach. FIU was one of my choices and after talking to players and coaches here and seeing the kind of offense that is run here, I thought this was the best fit for me. This is the right place for me and I think I am going to fit perfectly in this program.

Jlouis PP: Being one of the top receivers in the nation coming out of high school, you had several other schools to choose from after you left Ohio State. What did you like best about FIU that brought you here?

JL: I thought that I fit better in a spread offense. I can use my athleticism and speed in this offense. All the coaches here at FIU are cool. Every time I spoke with the coaches here I like that they were up front with me and honest. I just think that this is the right spot for me.

PP: Where have you played most as a receiver? Outside or in the slot?

JL: I played both. I played on the outside and in the slot. They used me all over the field. It really does not matter where I play. I'll line up wherever the FIU coaches want me to line up.

PP: Looking at you out here in the practice field, what are you like 5-11, 6-0? What did you get the last time you ran a 40?Louis-300x205

JL: The last time I ran the 40, I ran it in 4.4, but that was over a year ago. I can do better. I can always do better. I'm 5-10. You are already making me two inches taller. [laughs] I like that.

PP: How much did you see FIU play the last couple of years?

JL: I watched them last year in the bowl game. That was a great game. I also saw a couple of other FIU games last year on TV. When I was in high school, I also saw some FIU games on TV. I saw the game against FAU and the other games FIU played against conference teams that were on TV. I really followed FIU because they were the first school to offer me a scholarship and you never forget that.

PP: Since you've seen several FIU games, what do you like about the FIU offense?

JL: I like that it is a fast-paced offense. Everybody in the offense touches the ball and I really like the way that the coaches use everybody and spread the ball around. At times, they ran the spread at Ohio State and it was a little similar to this offense. But from what I have seen from the FIU offense, it looks like it's going to be a great fit for me.

PP: From watching the Panthers on TV and out here today, what do you like best about the FIU team?

JL: I like that there is a lot of speed on this team. What I've noticed since I got here is that everybody is hungry on this team. Yeah, they won a conference championship and a bowl game, but I sense that this team wants more. These guys helped build what this program is today and that bowl game they won last year is the start of better things to come. I've been here just a short time and everybody here is hungry for more. Everybody is cool here. Everybody is trying to win and that's what I'm here for.

PP: Did you know T.Y. Hilton before you came to FIU?Tyhook

JL: No, but I've seen a lot of him on TV. He's really fast, but what I like about him since I met him is that he is very humble. When I was being recruited by FIU out of high school and I came to practices here, T.Y. went out of his way to talk to me and we got along great. He's a hard worker and he's humble. He's helping me learn the playbook.


**Thanks Sam Lewis photo (Pizza Bowl trophy); thanks Matt Shaw photo (Motor City Miracle)

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